Wednesday, 6 April 2011

tenmoregirls artist profile : carol faulkner

This week tenmoregirls artist Carol Faulkner talks us about her process & inspiration. For tengirls tencolours, she is exploring the colour WHITE.

Having chosen white out of “the hat” or in our case a plastic zip lock bag, my first reaction was one of disappointment and yes, even rejection. White! Such a non colour. I realised that my strong reaction meant that I should definitely embrace this colour. Perhaps get out of my comfort zone or at least away from the ideas that had already formulated in my head even before I chose a colour. That’s me to a tee, always putting the cart before the horse. Does anyone except my husband say that anymore? Anyway, far from being a non colour white light possesses within it all other colour bands and so the world of colour once again lies at my fingertips. That coincidentally brings me to the underlying concept for my work in this exhibition. Not my fingertips per se but the energy field around my entire body. I am referring to the aura and my growing interest into my own spirituality. I have started my research with a photograph of my aura. And what does this have to do with white you ask?. You might say, I’m getting to that!.

What materials inspire you?

I don’t think I am inspired by any particular materials. Instead, I try to choose materials that support the story I am trying to tell with my work. For me, the material choice also acts as a focus when my imagination wanders off in an altogether different direction to my concept. I often have to ask myself, so how does this relate to the concept?

What is your favourite tool in the workshop? Why?

If I am working on a long project then whatever tool I am using most often becomes my favourite. Use a tool for long enough and it becomes a familiar extension of your hand. The weight feels right; the action is harmonious with your intention. Having said that I am very fond of the nylon hammer and the titanium solder pick given to me by my mentor Ragnar Hansen during my studies at Enmore. Whenever I use them I like to think that there is a little bit of magic being channelled through to me.

Where do you think your creativity comes from? (eg family? background? have you always wanted to be an artist/designer?)

Hmm interesting question. I don’t know where it comes from. I am just grateful I have an opportunity to see where it will take me, although that sounds like I’m looking for a destination, which I am not

What is your favourite colour?

For many years my favourite colour has been orange. My apartment is accented with orange and I also carry a little bit of orange in my wallet. My work however since day one has predominantly included blue. I find that strange because I don’t particularly like blue, yet when I was dying the cable ties for Mr’s K’s gown I felt that I could swim in the dye pot. No doubt a cliché induced by too many fumes!

Who inspires you?

I can say that I am inspired by stories, by learning, by light and shade and all the colours in between. And dogs. Yes, and I’m a cat person. But spend some time sitting in the park and watch the total focus of a dog chasing a ball. I find that kind of abandonment inspiring. As to “who”, ............... still thinking.

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