Friday, 1 April 2011

Exhibition Update Part 1

Being an successful artist or designer these days means you have to be truly multidisciplinary. Unfortunately, we can't get away with just sitting at our benches all day making pretty things. Although some of us would certainly like to! We have to get involved, stay connected and pool our numerous other skills and resources to get our work out there. This is one of the reasons why we are committed to coming together and exhibiting as a group every year. The process of putting together a contemporary jewellery exhibition is fun, difficult at times and fascinating. So this year, we thought we'd share a little bit of it!

This is the first of our regular weekly Friday posts about our exhibition ideas, planning and coordination. Our 2011 exhibition, 10 Girls. 10 Colours. is really starting to take form. We have had several group meetings so far and have finalised a few very important things.
  • The name, obviously. But not so obviously, we had to decide on the specifics. How is it written? 10girls10colours? tengirls tencolours? Ten Girls. Ten Colours? 10 GIRLS 10 COLOURS? It may seem silly, but these details are VERY important. Not to mention, we are jewellers. Which means the details are everything!
  • The location. The gallery application process has been completed. When it is (hopefully - fingers crossed) approved, we will be able to share this very exciting information. Once you've booked a gallery, thats it, there's no turning back!
  • The branding. Our event, like a business, label or artist, needs a brand. We need a cohesive look, feel and overall aesthetic that will help us to express to YOU what we are all about. The things that build our exhibition's brand are the logo and flyer, the typography we use, the way we talk about ourselves in press releases, the types of contact points we have on the internet..... basically, everything that connects us with our audience. You!
  • A really fun part of this aspect is the flyer. Which we have also finalised! We voted on a really awesome design and look forward to sharing it with you in the next few months.

So as you can see, to put on a successful show we need to be more than just jewellery and object designers. We need to be graphic designers, web designers, marketers, social media managers, writers, PR experts, builders, photographers and overall, multitaskers!

Make sure you check back here every Friday for more exhibition news and updates. We'll also share resources and tips that we pick up along the way.

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