Thursday, 31 March 2011

tenmoregirls artist profile : nikki majajas

Nikki Majajas talks to us about her process and what inspires her.
For tengirls tencolours, she is exploring the colour PINK.
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What materials inspire you?

Impossible to choose! Different concepts and intentions require different materials. As much as I admire the way other makers work with organic materials, I think my work often has a sense of artificiality, a look of having been manufactured and that's reflected in my use of materials: metal, plastic, paint, glass etc

What is your favorite tool in the workshop? Why?

It always comes back to the basics: jeweller's saw and needle files. These are the simplest & most essential tools for creating just about anything at the bench, probably used for a couple of thousand years by artisans throughout the history of time! No technology required, just your basic jeweller skills, they're the first tools you learn how to use & for me the most satisfying.

Where do you think your creativity comes from? (eg family? background? have you always wanted to be an artist/designer?)

Yes my family is all creative which is fabulous and inspiring. I'm basically a glutton, I have a passion for life & live for pleasure! So I feel driven to surround myself with beauty: gorgeous objects for the eyes, delicious food for my greedy appetite, travel for the soul & crazy & loving friends to make me happy. I guess I had no choice but to try & contribute to the world's cacophony of good stuff by becoming an artist.

What is your favorite colour?

When in doubt, think PINK!

Who inspires you?

People who live fearlessly & passionately with honesty & style, regardless of age, race, income or gender.
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