Friday, 8 April 2011

Money money money! Exhibition Update Part 2

It may surprise you, or not, that being an independent artist doesn't pay much. Well, at least in the beginning. When you are starting out as a designer/maker, the rewards are few and far between. It is hard work that usually requires a supportive 'bread and butter' income. If you are lucky you may be otherwise employed in the arts, design or teaching industry, like a number of the tenmoregirls members. But more often than not, you have to make a few sacrifices, working in a job you don't love, to support your passion. At least for awhile.

Putting on an amazingly professional, awesome, successful exhibition isn't cheap. And as we have already established, us tenmoregirls artists aren't rich! So how do we do it? Thankfully, there are also people who are as passionate about what we do as we are. Our funds can come from a variety of sources.

Firstly, we apply for grants. The National Association for the Visual Arts, or NAVA, have a number of grants available for individual artists and groups like ours to help with the costs associated with putting on an exhibition. The Australia Council delivers over $160 million dollars every year to artists and groups from all disciplines to help with projects like ours. These organisations, supported financially by both the government and private sector, see value for the community in art and artists projects. The help of grant systems like these ensure that Australian art and cultural groups remain thriving.

We also talk to our industry and community about helping us through sponsorship. Sponsorship could be a one-off financial contribution, or it could be in-kind, through the supply of free or discounted goods and services. Sponsorship from passionate businesses that value emerging artists and new design is SO important. A good sponsorship partnership is multifaceted and mutually beneficial. We offer businesses a really unique opportunity to promote their product in their target market. It is not simply a donation, everyone gets something from the partnership! The businesses that sponsor us are passionate about emerging designers, the design community and particularly, the future of our contemporary jewellery industry. Which brings me to the big announcement....

tenmoregirls have confirmed their first sponsor for our 2011 exhibition, 10 girls. 10 Colours!

Peekays Findings! Peekays sponsored our Girls Around The World show in 2010 and are returning to support us again for 10 girls. 10 Colours. We are so pleased to have them on board again. Peekays Findings are an Australian owned company supplying the jewellery industry with beautiful high quality products. For a jeweller, getting the details right is so important and in our production work, good quality findings make all the difference. Visit their website to find out more about them.

As the exhibition planning goes forward, we will hopefully be welcoming more amazing sponsors on board and hearing good news about the grants we have applied for this year. We will make sure to keep you updated. Every little bit of help we receive is very much appreciated. If you think you can assist in some way with 10 Girls. 10 colours. through in-kind or financial sponsorship, publicity, advertising, display materials or any other creative way...then send an email to and we'll be in touch with a sponsorship package!

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