Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Making Do with Music and Mashed Potatoes in the Southern Highlands : Inside Carol Faulkner's studio.

In today's blog post, tenmoregirls artist Carol Faulkner shares an insight into her making process for Ten Girls. Ten Colours.

As the title suggests I have recently relocated to the picturesque but chilly Southern Highlands. Fortunately for me my studio is the warmest room in the house and the addition of my Bose docking station is a joyful and (often) loud addition to the workshop.

I have long believed in the right tool for the job and during my studies was always excited when a new, “can’t live without” tool seduced me into a purchase. Over the last few years I have been acquiring whatever was needed at the time for my own studio, along with a few things that weren’t as well!

Having a husband that makes furniture and who possesses an impressive range of tools himself, has been an added advantage to my own tool philosophy. You can imagine my frustration, when recently, the right tool for the job did not appear to be at hand. Fortunately this quandary coincided with a regular Tenmore Girls meeting and it was Majella that suggested I look no further than the kitchen sink for the item I was looking for. After a hasty clean a pot came in very handy for forming the external structure of the neckpiece I was working on for the Ten Girls. Ten Colours Exhibition. PS – I have since bought a swage block ooooh!

Check back here every week for more studio insights, as we share sneak previews our works in progress for Ten Girls. Ten Colours.

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