Wednesday, 25 May 2011

tenmoregirls artist profile : bernadette trainor

This week Bernadette Trainor talks to us about her inspirations.
For tengirls tencolours, she is exploring the colour ORANGE.
For more info about her works go to bernadette trainor's website

What materials inspire you?

I like carving timber, because I love the versatility and warmth of wood. There’s something lovely about taking a raw, splintery piece of wood and making it smooth and lustrous. I have stacks of timber off-cuts, bits and pieces that have a beautiful grain or colour, I just wish I had some more time to turn them into something…
I also enjoy working with glass, as you can achieve great depth and colour. I’d like to experiment more with large cast pieces.

What is your favourite tool in the workshop? Why?

I hope it doesn’t come across as corner-cutting laziness, but I love my micromotor. It has all the great characteristics I wish I possessed myself, like being very efficient and good at multi-tasking. It was one of the first pieces of equipment I bought and I find it invaluable. I use it for carving timber and wax, drilling, sanding, polishing…

Where do you think your creativity comes from?

”Work only starts when the fear of doing nothing finally exceeds the fear of doing something badly.” – Alain de Botton

What is your favourite colour?

I’m learning to embrace many colours, and I’m not sure if I have a favourite. I’m always surrounded by a lot of orange and red, but I find different situations call for different coloured neckerchiefs. At the moment I’m in love with bright blue and turquoise, and I’ve been hunting for vintage jewellery, art glass and furniture to satisfy this obsession.

Who inspires you?

I appreciate the work of people like Robin Boyd, dedicated to education and innovation; like Alain de Botton, who help to make life a little easier to understand; and Archer Lambourne, age 3, and his tireless efforts striving for workshop safety.

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