Friday, 15 April 2011

Exhibition Update: Busy Busy Bench Bees

Our ten little benches are buzzing with activity!

Hopefully you've been catching our regular artist profiles here every Wednesday. We have been talking about our work, our inspiration, the materials we use and where we come from in terms of our creativity and art practice.

In a few weeks we'll start showing you some images of our 10 Girls 10 Colours work in progress. There are definitely some exciting things going on already. At our last meeting we continued a discussion into the wonderfully diverse concepts that we are all exploring. If the results are as inspired as the ideas, 10 Girls 10 Colours is going to be amazing!

Although we haven't announced the official date and the gallery for the show yet (but are very close to doing so!) and opening night is quite a few months away, there are some very good reasons for us to be working so hard on our pieces already.

Firstly, we have a photo shoot planned for the first week in May. That's only a couple of weeks away! The photography studio has been booked and that means we have to show up with something awesome to take pictures of. A macro lens is NOT kind to unfinished solder joins or dodgy polishing. Trust me! We need to photograph our work so we can use it in our promotional material, on our website and for any editorial exposure we get.

Another reason we are so busy at our benches right now is because of stress-enforced time management! In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, we will have SO much other work to do for the show. None of us want to be trying desperately to file an edge straight with all of the other deadlines looming. And Murphy's Law of jewellery making says that if you leave it to the last minute, it will inevitably fall apart. Literally. Your piece will melt under a hot flame right before your very eyes. Devastating.

But thankfully, this won't happen because we are all working hard and are well into our making processes (*gulp*).

In addition to the updates you'll be seeing here, you can also learn more about and follow us individually. Many of us are posting updates, sneak previews and insights into our making practice on our individual websites and blogs. Click on our names to follow the links and find out more.

Check back next week for some pictures of our next meeting and a few thoughts about marketing an exhibition.

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