Wednesday, 23 March 2011

tengirls tencolours

First of all, welcome our new members of tenmoregirls,
Carol Faulkner, Danielle Butters, Jo Piper & Tenille Evans.

The title of tenmoregirls' exhibition 2011 is tengirls tencolours. each artist randomly selected a different colour to make pieces for this exhibition and 10 colours with each artist are;
a mi kim : brown
andrea iglesias : green
bernadette trainor : orange
carol faulkner : white
danielle butters : purple
jo piper : black
majella beck : red
nikki majajas : pink
radka passianova : blue
tenille evans : yellow

we had our meeting last week talking about each colour and where we are upto. everyone had great & different idea based on each selected colour. We look forward to designing/making wearable pieces or objects for this exhibition.

we also have twitter account. Come and check our general making process @tenmoregirls as well as this blog.

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