Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Patina of Age - Tenille Evans explores the colour yellow for 10 girls. 10 colours.

The colour yellow is the patina of age.

It is the colour of sickness, jaundice and degeneration. Yellow is the colour that our skin, teeth and nails turn when we grow old. Yellow is a stain. It is the colour of our bones as we decay. It is also the mark of age on the domestic objects we keep. Books, fabric, clothing and paper all turn yellow as they deteriorate. There is some beauty and comfort to be found in the realisation that our treasured household objects and furnishings all yellow in the same way our bodies do. The inevitability of each of us, as individuals, changing and decaying in the same way is a universal truth. Recognition and acceptance of this certainty gives us the ability to unite.

Existing comfortably with our mortality and impermanence links us to, but at the same time lifts us out of, the everyday domestic spaces we inhabit.

Using this concept as a starting point, I have experimented with various domestic materials, eventually exploring the aesthetic effect that can be achieved by folding antique book paper. I enjoyed the consistent yet unique way each piece was formed. It is a representation of the inevitable and continual process of generation and decay, something that occurs over and over again, in similar yet distinct patterns.

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  1. interesting perspective, as my first response to 'yellow' would be sunshine, the smell of spring - daffodils and flowers - youthfulness, vibrancy and life... even to the yellow life-giving yolk of an egg to a bird.

    nice angle, thought provoking and intriguing!!