Wednesday, 4 May 2011

tenmoregirls artist profile : jo piper

This week tenmoregirls artist Jo Piper talks to us what inspires her. For tengirls tencolours, she is exploring the colour BLACK.

What materials inspire you?
Any material can be inspiring if it relates to the idea and concept behind the piece. I especially love it when artists juxtapose seemingly unrelated materials together or manipulate the material to appear as though it defies its natural characteristics. Such as when metal appears to float in the air or hair is woven into a fabric that appears as precious and soft as silk.

What is your favourite tool in the workshop and why?
Parallel pliers are always handy but if I had to name one thing I think the thing at the top of my list would be the hydraulic press.

Where do you think your creativity comes from?
I have never really thought about it. I grew up in a house full of paintings, as my Dad was an avid art collector. My Mum and sister are creative people and so I have always been surrounded by creativity. I think my sense of creativity has developed over time. I also think I was a gypsy or something in a past life as I find it hard to stay in one place for long. This constant change and influences from different cultures has probably had a lot to do with it.

Have you always wanted to be an artist/designer?
I actually started out with a degree in science but the idea of becoming an artist/designer was never really something I considered. I ended up on this path purely through a love of working with metal – the artist/designer element is just a label that hides the real desire of wanting to see how far I can push the characteristics of metal.

What is your favourite colour?
Hot pink - Just because it’s very rowdy with a slight tendency to be obnoxious which I find very amusing. Followed closely by lime green for very similar reasons. My colour for the exhibition is Black and I love black for too many reasons then I am able to list here

Who inspires you?
Anyone who is a bit left of centre. I find normality very uninspiring. I love quirky eccentricity and anyone who has the courage to go against the norm to do things differently.

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