Monday, 17 August 2009

girls for boys 2008 - tamahra prowse

What is it about boys and their collections of ‘stuff’? Treasures that are obsessively hunted collected and traded, far beyond the scope of female understanding.
My goal for this exhibition was to identify items important to today’s grown men when they were kids. A selection of these have been translated and re-modelled into objects of desire and value for men.
Polls conducted amongst family, friends and random strangers alike, revealed an amazing array of childhood obsessions. They also revealed the boys behind the men, boys with a wide-eyed enthusiasm and an unyielding belief in the value of their treasures. A past age of innocence where crabs claws were lined up in the sand for judging by a serious panel of peers, and where certain marbles had the power to make or break friendships over playlunch. Sticks had a multitude of uses, stamps were cool, and bottle caps…well, I guess they were colourful, cheap and fun to drink first!

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