Monday, 17 August 2009

girls for boys 2008 - georgina pattinson

Naked truth, stacked, full flush…

Just the other day my Nan told me that it was about to become illegal to wolf whistle at a woman in public! What sort of padded cell have we been forced to live in? Soon it will be illegal to look at another person in the street and we’ll all be living in plastic bubbles for fear of catching a conscious of our own.

Bring on the hedonistic lifestyle I say! Where pleasure is every pursuit and appreciation for beauty even on the streets is revered as a national pride.

This doesn’t mean I’m advocating every male to become a cad or a chauvinist. It’s the subtly in the execution that’s important. The connotations of the sound alone, is enough and should not be followed with a sleazy remark or any boisterous obscenities.

Women like to be looked at, we like to be appreciated, we like to feel sexy and be flirted with, in the appropriate situation of course. Beauty, as they say, ‘is in the eye of the beholder’ and why not express it. For there is nothing more beautiful than the female form and as Mae West aptly put it, ‘It is better to be looked at than to be over looked’.

My Nan later explained to me the thrill of the moment she remembered as a young girl ridding her bike down the street, when someone whistled at her. She got so excited her foot caught the pedal and she ‘fell ass over tit’ onto the footpath. Not the most glamorous response but at least she loved every moment of it!

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